What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are the HTML tags that are used to provide information about the content of a webpage. They are the basic elements of SEO. Meta tags are incorporated in the “head” section of HTML, e.g. <head>Meta tags are placed here</head>.

The Meta tags are of three types. Each tag provides specific information about the content of the page. For example:

  • Title Tag: It is the most important of all the Meta tags. It tells search engines about the title your webpage, and it is displayed in search engine listings above the URL of your webpage or website. For example: <title>Title text</title>
  • Description Meta tag: The summary of your site or webpage is incorporated in this tag. It enables the search engine to display a brief description of your page in the SERPs. Through this tag, you tell users what your site is all about and what you are offering. For example: <meta name=”description” content = “your site’s summary”/>
  • Keywords Meta tag: In this tag, you place all of your main keywords and phrases that describe the content of your webpage. For example: <meta name=”keywords” content=”keywords”/>