Bill Gates

If you are a part of this world, there are zero chances that you have not come across the name ‘Bill Gates.’ He usually breaks the internet with his financial success. Here is a little something you must know about this prosperous business magnate.

Early Days

Who would have thought that William Henry Gates would be this eminent when he was born on 28th October 1955 in Seattle, Washington. Bill Gates’s family background is quite worth mentioning. At an early age, Bill Gates comprehended his parents’ wish to pursue a career in law. Like every other kid, this famous personality was picked on and bullied at school. His family was supportive and encouraging during his childhood days. His family never missed an opportunity to pat his back when he succeeded and never failed to frown upon when things went south. Computers have forever fascinated Bill Gates.

A Family Packed with Popularity

Bill Gates

It is a lesser-known fact that he was born into a well-to-do family. His family must have risen to prominence even before he led the Global tech giant, Microsoft. His father, William Henry Gates. Sr was a popular lawyer of his time. Gates’ mother, Mary Maxwell Gates, was a woman of power as she was a member of the board of directors for the United Way of America and became the first women director of First Interstate Bank. Further, Bill Gates’s grandfather was the president of the National Bank.

Was Bill Gates’ Education an Act of Aberrance?

Bill Gates

Everyone familiar with Bill Gates might know his love for computers. When he was at school, Bill Gates used to skip math classes to pursue his interest in computers. Probably Lakeside School he attended was the birthplace of all these impressive ideas. He was good at studies, and Bill Gates was a merit student at Lakeside School. He wanted to fulfill his parents’ wish to choose a pre-law major. But he decided to study mathematics and computer. He kept a full stop to his education at Harvard University as he found Microsoft after dropping out.

Even though Bill Gates is a college dropout, Harvard University must be proud to have had him there. If only every college dropout were as successful as him. Gates and his friend Allen started working on BASIC, a computer program used on large computers, and when the project was a fortunate one Bill Gates decided to stay away from Harvard for good. It may be cliché, but perseverance and interest can take a person a long way. That is because every famous personality, billionaire, and businessperson has flaws. So do us. Despite the fact, they have come out with flying colors. Succeeding has nothing to do with minor flaws. And Bill Gates is a great epitome of that.

Besides being a true inspiration, he makes us want to inspire people as he does. He dropped out of one of the world’s prestigious institutions and made everybody turn their heads. That is the long-winded definition of triumph.

Massively Macro Innings at Microsoft

Bill Gates

Successful people start doing important things at a very early age. And Bill Gates is not an exception. Bill Gates had his first coding experience at the tender age of 13. There are high chances you might have heard about tic-tac-toe if you had an idyllic childhood. When other 13-year-olds were occupied playing tic-tac-toe, Bill Gates went an extra mile making a version of the game on an electric computer. Microsoft and Bill Gates sync together very well that one cannot go without the other. Let us now see about this 33-year long love affair with one of the global tech giants. No wonder Microsoft is the world’s largest software firm.

Microsoft initially was a hyphenated word ‘Micro-soft.’ Bill Gates, along with his friend Paul Allen started the initial sparks of Microsoft in 1975. Bill Gates’ influence on the industry was more than ever when he licensed MS-DOS to International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). IBM was one of the leading companies back then, setting the industry’s pace. Since then, he has enhanced the company with his multiple roles. He has been the Chief Executive Officer, chairman, president, and chief software architect at Microsoft.

By the early 1990s, Bill Gates was the ultimate charm of the whole tech industry that everyone chanted and was enchanted. He has also held a major portion of the firm’s share until 2014. Owning most of the shares of the famous Microsoft firm made him one of the affluent businessmen in the world.

Bill Gates Net Worth

Bill Gates

True to his name, Bill Gates is one of the wealthiest businessmen in the world. He is right now the fourth richest person globally with a whopping net worth of 133 billion dollars. Besides owning Microsoft, Bill Henry Gates has other assets like Cascade Investment LLC and 56.5 billion American dollars in cash.

This colossal net worth has continuously won him a mention in the Forbes list of the world’s wealthiest people since 1987.


People who taste success are the ones who were toiling hard when everybody else was asleep. Bill Gates has to have been a diligent person from the start to have reached the heights of success. He not only makes huge money but also donates a lot of it. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, founded by Bill Gates, is one of the noteworthy charitable foundations with an endowment of around 50 billion dollars as of December 2020. With his incredible career, life, and achievements, Bill Gates is such a role model to millions of students worldwide to earn and to endeavor to make great things.