CV vs Resume

CV vs Resume: There are many differences between CV and Resume. A list of differences between CV and Resume are given below:

No.Comparison IndexCurriculum VitaeResume
1)Length:It generally contains two or more pages.It generally contains one page. Sometimes, It contains two pages.
2)What it contain:Name
contact no. and e-mail id
work experience
relevant work-related skills
academic records as well as teaching and research experiences, awards, honors, publications, presentations, affiliations, and other details.
In simple words you can say that CV covers your entire career.
contact no. and e-mail id
work experience
relevant work-related skills
Its main focus is on work experience.
It doesn’t have any specific format but the work experience is always written in reverse chronological order.
3)Purpose:In USA,the CV is generally used when one apply for academic, education, scientific or research positions.
It is used in Europe, Asia and Africa, and USA.
It is static.
It is used as a job application.
It is highly customized.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Curriculum Vitae is is an Latin word which means ‘course of life’. It is an in-depth document of someone achievements. It usually contains two or more pages and s a high level of detail about your achievements. It includes more than your career biography. For example: It covers your education as well as other accomplishments like awards, publication, honors etc. Curriculum Vitae is static and doesn’t change for different positions. Only the difference is made in the cover letter.

The CV should be written in a simple language and organized chronologically. This makes it easy to get an overview of an individual?s working career.


A Resume is a short, generally one page introduction of your achievements and career biography. The main goal of the resume to find out an individual from the competition. The resume is not static all the time. It is changed according to the job position. The applicants should change the resume for one job application to another.