Bryophytes MCQs

1. Which of the following is the amphibian of the plant kingdom?

a) Pteridophytes

b) Bryophytes

c) Gymnosperms

d) Angiosperms

2. The unique feature of bryophytes compared to other green plant group is that

a) They produce spores

b) They lack vascular tissue

c) They lack roots

d) There sporophyte is attached to the gametophyte

3. Which group of plant constitute the lower bryophytes

a) Liverworts

b) Mosses

c) Anthoceratles

d) Jungermaniales

MCQ on Bryophytes (FUNARIA)

4. Liverworts are closely related to

a) Algae

b) fungi

c) Lichen

d) Mosses

5. The first land inhabitant plants are

a) Pteridophytes

b) Bryophytes

c) Gymnosperms

d) Angiosperms

6. The only positive evidence of aquatic ancestry of bryophyte is

a) Thread like protonema

b) Green colour

c) Some forms are still aquatic

d) Ciliated sperms

7. To which group would you assign a plant which produces spores and embryos, but lacks seed and vasculature

a) Algae

b) Fungi

c) Pteridophyte

d) Bryopyte

8. Which is wrong in respect to bryophytes?

a) Water is essential for fertilization

b) Presence of archegonia

c) Presence of ciliated sperms

d) Presence of autotrophic independent sporophyte

9. Conducting tissue in moss is made up of

a) Xylem and phloem

b) Xylem

c) Collenchyma

d) Parenchyma

10. Which of the following is diploid in moss plant

a) Spore

b) Leaves

c) Spore mother cell

d) Gametes

11. A specialised organ of the sporophyte for attachment to the gametophyte is called

a) Stalk

b) Foot

c) Apophysis

d) Root

12. If the chromosome number in the leaf of Funaria is 20, what will be the chromosome number in the spores

a) 20

b) 40

c) 10

d) 5

13. The protonema is a stage in the life cycle of

a) Riccia

b) Funaria

c) All bryophytes

d) Cycas

14. If the leaf of Funaria has 5 chromosomes, the primary protonema will have

a) 10

b) 5

c) 15

d) 20

15. Bryophyte differ from pteridophytes in being

a) Non-vasculature

b) Seeded

c) Vasculature

d) Sporophytic

1-b 6-d 11-b
2-d 7-d 12-a
3-a 8-d 13-b
4-d 9-d 14-b
5-b 10-c 15-a