WhatsApp To Launch New Drawing Tool Features

All of WhatsApp’s users will probably get access to a brand-new drawing tool function. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, stated on Tuesday that it will be making new sketching tools available to some iOS users. In relation to this, the study stated:

A select group of beta testers on WhatsApp are receiving this capability. After installing a future upgrade, more activations are anticipated in the future. We discussed WhatsApp’s plans to add three new drawing tools in the article on the WhatsApp beta for Android release. These include two new pencils and a blur.

Does this new edition of the drawing editor offer anything new when utilising the new drawing tools, even since WhatsApp previously has a blur tool in the iOS version? The answer is that this version is currently accessible to a select group of beta testers, and that additional activations are being planned and will be made available very soon.

Though it will soon be available on WhatsApp Beta for Android users, this new UI is only available for iOS, or Apple users. In addition, not everyone will be able to use the new drawing tool function, but once it has been fully uploaded to the server, it can be entirely downloaded on mobile devices.

Currently, Meta is working on a number of updates for WhatsApp, including one of the most anticipated ones: the ability to share 2GB of data at once. When it was initially only 100MB, customers had a lot of problems and were unable to exchange large files. Users were glad that this new feature had been included because it will make their lives much easier. The feature was initially developed for Apple iOS, but by the end of this month, it will also be accessible to Android users.


In addition, WhatsApp is experimenting with and testing a few additional features that will improve its dependability and usability.

A small number of the features have already been released, and fewer are on the way. The app will soon have features like message reactions, hiding last seen from particular people, and group polling, making it more participatory. Additionally, according to the reports, a different planned feature that limits the number of forwarded messages in a single group chat is under testing and will be made public sooner.