BS Computer Science Past Paper

Artificial Intelligence 
Basic Electronics
Calculus & Analytical Geometry 
Communication Skills
Compiler Construction 
Computer Graphics
Computer Networks
Computer Organization and Assembly Language
Data Structure and Algorithms
Database Systems 
Design and Analysis of Algorithms 
Differential Equations 
Digital Logic Design 
Discrete Structures 
Distributed Database Systems
English Composition & Comprehension 
Financial Accounting 
Fundamentals of Data Mining 
Information Security 
Introduction to Computing Applications
Introduction to Pakistani Economy 
Introduction to Sociology 
Introduction to Software Engineering 
Introduction to Statistical Theory
Islamic Studies
Linear Algebra 
Mobile & Application Development
Multi-variate Calculus 
Numerical Computing 
Object Oriented Programming
Operating Systems 
Pakistan Studies
Parallel & Distributed Computing 
Professional Practices 
Programming Fundamentals
Technical Writing 
Theory of Automata 
Web Design and Development
Wireless Communication 
Zoology MCQS